2022 Lab Group


Our group uses engineering, chemistry, and biology to gain a fundamental understanding of the nano-bio interface, focusing on both the materials properties and biological features needed for successful drug delivery. Specifically, we develop and utilize toolsets that enable high throughput and pooled screening of nanocarriers. We also leverage large omics datasets to gain insight into biological interactions with nanomaterials. Taken together, our research allows us to take a holistic approach to understanding and advancing nanomedicine. 

We are dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive, and collaborative space to study the fundamentals of drug delivery together.

Lab News

March 2023 Congratulations to Katherine (maker & presenter) and Amartya (presenter) on winning the 3rd prize in poster presentation competition at Peter O. Stahl Advanced Design Forum.

December 2022 - Welcome to first year graduate students Barath, Plinio, and Senjuti! Check out their bios to learn more. 

September 2022 - Welcome to Aanchal Gupta, who is joining us as a postdoc, and undergraduate researchers James Lin and Rohit Ravichandran! 

July 2022 - Our nanoPRISM work was featured by MIT News! Read More

January 2022 - Congratulations to Katherine on winning the Crucible Prize, awarded to students pitching the best chemical and materials startup ideas! Read More