Harsh Tiwari

Harsh Tiwari

I am a chemical engineering undergraduate from Idaho. I am particularly interested in how polymers and polymeric nanoparticles can be used for drug delivery. Aside from that, I enjoy hiking, reading, and playing various games with my friends.




I am a Chemistry undergraduate REU student. I’m from Puerto Rico and carry out my studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus. My interests lie in applying material science to the medical field, specifically targeting head and spinal injuries. In my free time, I like to train at the gym, watch movies, read, and watch wrestling. 

Arjun Sunderrajan

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I am a Chemical Engineering sophomore at the University of Minnesota. My interests lie in developing nanoparticle therapies and has been set on expanding my horizon of the broad chemical engineering field. I enjoy playing intramural sports and working out in my free time, as well as chess and video games with my friends. In the future I hope to make use of my positive outlook to create a positive impact on others around me with my knowledge in chemical engineering.

Olivia Peche

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I'm a junior in Chemical Engineering and I'm currently interested in studying how utilizing different lipids impacts liposome structure. In my free time, I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors.

Mariam Alghazali

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I am a chemical engineering student who's passionate about constant innovation in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. I am currently interested in nanoparticles and their applications in drug delivery. Outside of class and the lab, I like to go on walks and enjoy nature. 

Rhea Joshi

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I am an undergraduate Chemical Engineering student from Illinois with minors in Chemistry and Management. I am interested in the field of nanoparticles; specifically, their utility as a means of drug delivery. Aside from school, I love playing ultimate frisbee, reading books of all genres, and singing.